Modalités de mise en œuvre de la Procédure d’Alerte

1 - Conditions for implementing the Whistle-blowing Procedure


Purpose and scope of the Whistle-blowing Procedure
Any employee within the SOCOTEC Group may report a proven or potential violation of laws and regulations or the Group's Code of Ethics of which they have personal knowledge. This report must be relevant, appropriate and directly connected with a violation in the aforementioned areas. Any report that does not fall within the scope of the aforementioned areas will not be taken into account.


2 - Other reporting mechanisms – Optional nature of the report


The Whistleblowing Procedure should not replace the usual internal feedback procedures.

The use of the Whistleblowing Procedure is not mandatory. The employee may contact their line manager, the Legal Department or the Ethics Committee directly.

No employee will be punished for having used the Whistleblowing Procedure.


3 - Data processed as part of the Whistleblowing Procedure.


A report submitted via the internet portal may contain the personal data of the whistleblower or the subjects of the report. Data processed as part of the Whistleblowing Procedure may contain:

the name, position and contact details of the whistleblower;
the name, position and contact details of subjects of the report;
the reported violation;
the information gathered in the course of the investigation;
information on monitoring the report;
any decision taken in relation to the report.


4 - Confidentiality requirements


Any information and data processed as part of the Whistleblowing Procedure shall remain confidential. Reports will only be processed by members of the Ethics Committee who are subject to a strict duty of confidentiality.

The only exception to this confidentiality arises when a request for disclosure is made by the relevant public or legal authorities.


5 - Good faith of whistleblower


The whistleblower must only use this procedure in good faith.

As such, he or she will not be subject to disciplinary measures for having reported a concern even if the reported incidents ultimately prove to be inaccurate.

Any malicious or voluntarily improper action by an employee using this whistleblowing procedure may result in disciplinary measures or legal proceedings.


6 - Confirmation

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